Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Our Never Forgotten Friend

I write, not just for myself, but for those who loved you while you were in our world, and love you still.

Your presence is missed every day, but we feel you around us, we hear your whispers, (sometimes shouts!) and we see the consequences of the work you continue to do all around us.

You still walk into a room and take charge, just as always. Many have said your hand was upon the circumstances happening in their lives at any given moment, all over the country. It shocks us, and then it's no surprise, when we realize that it was you all along. Gently guiding, yet wielding your universal power where it needed to be, you've set a few things straight and they have not gone unnoticed.

Today is your day, the second of your birthdays in Heaven, and we will lift a toast to you, to your life, and to your continued presence everywhere. We will celebrate, not in sorrow, but in the happiness of knowing you, each of us the part of you that you wished for us to know, and thank you for being the beacon that still shines for us all.

What Would Susan Say? "Get the hell out of your own way!"



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  1. Always here, always watching, always a knowing comfort and a part of my life


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